Many different ways to express one particular idea, but just one simple way I want to let you know.
Dangerous is the way I perceive you and how free I let my sensations fly, but wrong how I wanna hold on to it, badly.

So many states of peace, for emotions to lay on, but just one particular feeling that likes to bounce in my body.
Dangerous is how I seek for you face at night falling asleep with a smile on mine, but wrong how I avoid the real side.

As many perspectives as I could get, and a whole world that envolves me during my days, but this constant and bidimensional part of the routine that I treasure.
Dangerous is the shivering and the whispers that keep on coming from visions of the memories, but wrong how I keep on looking inside.

... but wrong how I wanna keep you in here, away from them.
... but wrong how I feel we are prisioners of our thoughts and fears.
... but wrong how I know I just can't behave.

I just want us to be free.

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