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We'll get tired eventually, and start again too
because for a reason, we rather see each other this way
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No Refill For What's Left

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Too much with the same flavor
Enough of the same kind of texture in my mouth
When all I need to do is find a different drink

No need in emptying this particular cup
No big deal in drying the drops left all over
No urge in getting rid of it

Clear spaces between all I drank and what's left of you
Liquids dancing all over my body from (most admit) great memories
Bitting my lips just because I know you know

Enough of recycled kisses
Too much of your well-known touch
When all I must do is go ask for a new drink.
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Self Talk Sessions

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I haven't been good with treatments, ever
To get sick, to fall for something, to swim into situations... that I'm good at.
Drown by the easiest sign and never finding the exit door afterwards, that's me.

But I began to feel interested in this particular deleting process,
one treatment that I could actually follow up and see what the results could be..
Kinda like trying to remove a sticker without the fear of breaking it.

...Because dear, you are too much of a mess for my body to handle.
...Because dear, with you it will never be enough.
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My Bad

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I didn't know water had that effect if spilled on the ground
I didn't know blood was red
I didn't know finger nails could cause that harm
I'm sorry.. my bad.

Was I supposed to know that your ears were that sensitive?
Was I supposed to assume all this elements?
Was I supposed to nod my head to your perspective?
Well I guess.. my bad.

I forgot that I never lead
I forgot that I hid behind my fake smile to keep you near
I forgot that I was supposed to be happy as well
Then again.. my bad.

There's your truth, far away from what I won't take
Here's my blurry statement, far away from your will.
My bad if I let you use me again.

Lyrics by Alanis M.

are you still mad I kicked you out of bed?
are you still mad I gave you ultimatums?
are you still mad I compared you to all
my forty year old male friends?
are you still mad I shared our problems
with everybody?

are you still mad I had an emotional affair?
are you still mad I tried to mold you into
who I wanted you to be?
are you still mad I didn't trust your intentions?
of course you are
of course you are

are you still mad that I flirted wildly?
are you still mad I had a tendency to mother you?
are you still mad that I had one foot out of the door?
are you still mad that we slept together even after
we had ended it?
of course you are
of course you are

are you still mad I wore the pants most of the time?
are you still mad that I seemed to focus
only on your potential?
are you still mad that I threw in the towel?
are you still mad that I gave up long before you did?
of course you are
of course you are
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It Will Grow

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For reasons I can barely understand, and ideas I can almost taste
For fantasies I can already dance with, and sounds that carry my sleep since last night
For my fingers to find joy and my lips to embrace silence
It will grow in me as seeds on the ground.

For lyrics that join my thoughts every morning when I think of them
For everytime I hold my will just because I wanna see what happens if I don't
For  little secrets kept building one base of brand new honesty
It will grow in them as branches on trees.
For moments that are taken away
For what you don't expect from me
For memories that stand and pain that heals
It will grow in you as feathers on a bird
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I don't like goodbyes, but they don't really affect me so letting them go, shouldn't be as scary as I think it will be. Whatever I expect, they must go and I have to say goodbye.

I'm not sure for how long we were all merged into one single person, but I do recall the moments when I had the wonder to share with different "own" perspectives, true or not, very real... And now it's time to make them vanish, because being a hypocrite is just not the best option anymore. I forgot who I was within all these different and very adequate versions of my fears; I lost the main idea and I must find it again.

I no longer believe in me, what I do, what I don't, the reasons why I touch them or why I cry behind this screen... There's a continuous eraser between my realness and the facts I make up to avoid facing what bugs me, and these versions of myself are not helping, they just don't get to it.

I forgot what I was good at, or when was my best time to smile every day... I forgot how to receive a proper touch and feel it under my skin. My senses are no longer connected to my heart and I no longer understand what these impulses are pushing me through.

But even so... the clock won't stop, and these minutes and hours keep on pushing me no matter how filled with crap I am. Time is dragging me, making small breaks to ask me if I'm ready to face what I must fix, just to hear the same answer from me and keep on pushing me forward... I've been answering the same: I just don't know.

If I could come out of myself and believe my own words, my own perceptions and visions... If I could walk with time without asking it to stop every 5 seconds, just because it breaks my hear to see me this way... I would believe things could get better, just for that moment it would work.

It all comes down to two options: I either get myself dragged by time, seeing how my face gets crashed by missed moments, or I do something about it and start practicing what I preach. Risking what should be risked and not being afraid of loosing what I should just let go.

Lyrics by Anna Nalick

2 AM and she calls me 'cause I'm still awake,
"Can you help me unravel my latest mistake?,
I don't love him. Winter just wasn't my season"
Yeah we walk through the doors, so accusing their eyes
Like they have any right at all to criticize,
Hypocrites. You're all here for the very same reason

'Cause you can't jump the track, we're like cars on a cable
And life's like an hourglass, glued to the table
No one can find the rewind button, girl.
So cradle your head in your hands
And breathe... just breathe,
Oh breathe, just breathe

May he turned 21 on the base at Fort Bliss
"Just a day" he said down to the flask in his fist,
"Ain't been sober, since maybe October of last year."
Here in town you can tell he's been down for a while,
But, my God, it's so beautiful when the boy smiles,
Wanna hold him. Maybe I'll just sing about it.

Cause you can't jump the track, we're like cars on a cable,
And life's like an hourglass, glued to the table.
No one can find the rewind button, boys,
So cradle your head in your hands,
And breathe... just breathe,
Oh breathe, just breathe

There's a light at each end of this tunnel,
You shout 'cause you're just as far in as you'll ever be out
And these mistakes you've made, you'll just make them again
If you only try turning around.

2 AM and I'm still awake, writing a song
If I get it all down on paper, it's no longer inside of me,
Threatening the life it belongs to
And I feel like I'm naked in front of the crowd
Cause these words are my diary, screaming out loud
And I know that you'll use them, however you want to

But you can't jump the track, we're like cars on a cable,
And life's like an hourglass, glued to the table
No one can find the rewind button now
Sing it if you understand.
and breathe, just breathe
woah breathe, just breathe,
Oh breathe, just breathe,
Oh breathe, just breathe. 
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