Pink Thing

Could it be genetic, or something that comes along with some people when they are born, the same with the rest of particular characteristics that get together to conform someone into a person that thinks, feel, speak, understands, hear, move and live.

Beside that own perception of who we are, there's the diverse vision others obtain which of course, depends big time on how much we manipulate that. Our own actions, decisions and ways of living will be reflected on the person others get; maybe very similar of that version you have of yourself, maybe not so close.

Well then, if there's something I've learned is that besides my own image, there's this strong perception guys (specially) get from me, not a very bad one because I'm aware of it, and I'm fine with it (leaving out those paranoic episodes twice a month)... But they see me and they either like me or not, basic stuff. What bothers me, is that there's a particular thing I don't seem to have and of course, they don't see: the pink thing.

Is not actually pink, but it was the first color that came to my head when I needed to name it, and it's this: they could adore me, consider me a very interesting girl, someone very openminded, a girl they can always trust, someone that really understands and know what things to say and when to say them... but, she doesn't represent "it" for them.

I will always be that girl, not the girlfriend, or the girl of their dreams, just me... Not the girl they would cry for, or suffer for. Not the girl they dream about, or fear it might stop liking them. I'm never that girl, but always the one that listens about that other pink girl. Because they don't find that in me, and why not, that must be it: I don't have it, I'm just not that girl with the pink thing that could break their hearts.

Boys will keep on coming, wanting to become my friends and letting me know how all these pink girls with their pink thing come and make this huge impact in their lifes, while they are thankful because they had me. Someone with other colors that probably will not drive them as nuts as pink.

In the pic: Vigi
Made by: Cristi
Lyrics by The Pierces

When I woke up this afternoon
I know I felt… uneasy
But no matter what I do
Nothing seemed to please me
I couldn't get out of my head
That little fight we had… last night
But I would much rather be dead
Than admit to myself… that you were right

Oh… Oh... Oh… Ohhh

Don't be silly
Turn On Billie
She's singing us to sleep
So we can dream our lives away
And if we wake up
In full make-up
We'll pant the town blue
Cause baby, red is so passe

Now don't look at me that way
You know I just can't… take it
And no matter what they say
I know that we will…. Make it
Cause when we are good we are grand
But when we're bad… we are.. very bad (so bad)
But it has to go round
Cause the love that you are giving me is the best
I have ever had

Oh… Oh... Oh… Ohhh

And it's funny, to me
The way that things have worked out
There's no doubt in my mind
That you can't recall what this song was about
So let's give it up…

Love me sweetly, and completely
Come and sit beside me
Cause you know I need you near
When you're reeling, with that feeling
We'll paint the town pink, cause red is so last year

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