Staring Window

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Desde los mas vacíos e irónicos, hasta los más profundos de esos que hacen doler la vista.. Pensamientos random que se vienen cuando nos vemos obligados a concentrarnos en algo más.

Mirar a través de una ventana no es algo rutinario ni vital, se asocia a acciones secundarias que marcan algún momento en nuestro tiempo.

Piensas en el antojo de algún postre y cuales son los medios para conseguirlo.. Piensas en aquella amiga que se fue sin tu despedirte, en lo maravilloso que es ver como una persona regular se transforma en algo tan importante para ti.. Piensas en que quizás también significas eso para ella.

Piensas en las cosas que estan pendiente, llamadas que debes hacer y no logras comprender por que eres tan dejada con ciertos asuntos.. Tratas de inventar una excusa de tu tan peculiar personalidad, piensas en cualquier otra cosa para alejar eso de tu mente.

Piensas en estos escritos, en lo bien que te hacen sentir; piensas en cosas que quisieras leer.. Piensas en tu futuro, de lo facil que es dibujarlo sobre lineas y te preguntas si estás haciendo lo correcto para llegar a ser protagonista de ese marco.. Piensas en quienes dejarías atras, como último recurso de avance.

Piensas en el sabor de besos que siempre recuerdas y otros que convenientemente ya olvidaste.. Piensas en sincronizar tus ideas con las suyas para hacerles saber que por un segundo, pensaste en ellos.

Piensas en dinero, canciones, ropa que quisieras usar en esa ocasión medianamente especial. Piensas en lo que quieres lograr, exponer, en marcar alguna diferencia... Piensas en cuanto extrañas ese salón de clases y esas personas que te escuchan... Piensas que quizás lo lograrás pronto...

Piensas en lo que sería de tu vida sin tu familia, la comida de tu mama que puede ser tan superficial pero tu mente se enfoca en ello, en como hacerle saber que la admiras. Piensas en alimentar y cuidar tus mascotas, en quienes dependen de ti y como planificar cada semana para los niños. Piensas en lo que ellos piensan de ti. Piensas en quienes más tengan ideas compartidas.. Piensas en él y que tan largo tu pelo esta ahora, a la vez que no esperas la hora de volverlo a cortar, qué significa?

Piensas en que aún con su magia y la forma en la cual intentaron modificar tus cimientos, levantas la cara y reafirmas tu posición: eres una mujer de planes, de ideas cumplidas, de demostraciones de interés real y de un tiempo que no vale la pena ser desperdiciado por acciones que sólo te mantienen viva por 11 minutos o menos... Piensas en la música que escuchas, la forma en la cual ríes y lo segura que estás de lo que quieres, con o sin moneda.

Piensas en lo mucho que quisieras que otros supieran lo que piensas, el dejar algo para que otros te conozcan una vez dejes este mundo.. Piensas en contar tu historia y a la vez compartirla sabiamente... Piensas en lo mucho que adoras cuando llueve y sin evitarlo, sonries.

Solo una acción secundaria que genera un momento estampado en tu tiempo, y tantas cosas que se escapan en este escrito..

Photo by The Amazing Vivian A.
Lyrics by Ima Robot!

Big blue in a gasfield, you caught me lyin'
Pathetic religion of sex and cryin'
I nailed the door shut to leave you blind
I nailed the door shut for peace of mind

You were the best love I ever had
You hit me high, you hit me low
Time doesn't slow down for those who dream
I wake only to hear this scream

Hot and cold in the goldmine, the diamond legs
After she hit me off, I just had to beg
I nailed the door shut to leave you blind
I nailed the door shut for peace of mind

Love is the only incident
An infatuation
Is this sweet manipulation?
Well, I was frightened myself
What is love?
It's a fine inclination
A lovely retardation
What is life but a reality vacation?
Indulging operation
What is love?
The worthiest damnation
Sweet temptation
What is love?
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Feature You In Sunshine

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Do I stand in your way?
I own so many stones you see
Easy it seems for me to just do so
I just want your kiss boy

I have a short body and some kind of weird walk, which it keeps me
musical all the time.
Mi fingers are long and they remind me of how much I always wanted to
play the piano

Push me, far away from your path
My hand is holding this sign (and I'm not proud)
And it seems the reason why you all rather moving me to a different
place- Danger

I like the smell of a dying match
And the way the ice cream melts after a while in my cup
Because you never knew all this, it was my intention to screw you up
There's only one way to hold my phone and don't you dare trying to
change the position of my fingers

Push me far, far away from your path (and I wish I could stop)
You've done it before
Haven't you? Well let me then..
Introduce you to all these other men that have.. They'll show you how
I just want your kiss boy

And I am selfish
And I am above this feeling
And I am a loner
And I love/hate wine
And I do dance by myself
And I do lie all the time
For I believe you don't deserve my truth
You've got me evil from the very first beginning

I just want your, kiss.

More than 3 colors when I get dressed
Cherry on my lips and my crappy face hiding the fear of not knowing
and expecting
Marks on my skin to express so much, as I own the big meaning of all
There's a piece of cheese cake waiting for me in his refrigerator but
I'll need water when I get home

Push, push me away.. I'm too close and I will screw up your path
I know I'll be afraid all the time... If you ever find out..

And every time I laugh.. Every time I laugh my mind sets me free,
because I stood on your path for you to push me away, you didn't wanna
keep me there anyways.
And I'm not proud, and I wish I could stop

Lyrics by Ima Robot

A reaction to emptiness
Continues for the Boogyman
Just give me one
To feature you in sunshine
And we could both
The aphids swarm away

Hello, hello
Losing concentration
Losing motivation
Losing ground

Solo solo
Don’t like moderation
Starved for conversation
Are you down

A reaction to some soft skin
What about
I’ve seen it here and there
Just give me some
Be careful what you wish for
So take me
Woo honey let’s go dancing

Don’t stop wasting people’s time
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Track 05

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For all that we had to go through and fight, accept, loose... To finally know that I never really had you, just my perspective of who you wanted to be for myself; I'll give you credit for that, you managed yourself to keep me away from your real feelings, yet always wondering.

As in a philosophy class discussing the self, I try to pass this page on what just a self of you was the essence of this amazing fantasy... And during this whole time I wonder, where were you? My entire life... where were you?

The darkness, the sadness, the sweetness.. Oh I need this, there's nothing else to tell and no more stories to share, so I'm leaving... so far, only stories kept us alive.

The entire process of forgetting and avoiding became cousins and allies, I never lied to myself 'cause it wasn't fake, the feeling and the experiences and the constant bumping guided me through all this crap... keeping myself from others, to blind believe in words you never actually said, loosing a best friend with my premeditated actions...

I need a lullaby, and as I face this ceiling there's a smile on my face while I realized that I'm writing these words and the tears don't seem to come to keep me in kind company, sweet and honest company.

I'll touch your face, I'll talk with my eyes, I'll unleash my feet and I'll kiss your lips.. We're not what we thought we were.

More that all these words... It hit me when I heard this song, it defines what I felt

Lyrics by Natalie Merchant

Take a look at my body,
look at my hands
there's so much here that I don't understand
Your face saving promises,
whispered like prayers
I don't need them.

I've been treated so wrong
I've been cheated so long as if I'm becoming untouchable...

Well, contempt loves the silence
it thrives in the dark,
the fine winding tendrils that strangle the heart
They say that promises sweeten the blow
but I don't need them... no I don't need them.

I've been treated so wrong,
I've been cheated so long as if I'm becoming untouchable
I'm a slow dying flower
I’m the frost killing hour
sweet turning sour
& untouchable.

ooh I need
the darkness,
the sweetness,
the sadness,
the weakness,
ooh I need this.
Need a lullabye,
a kiss goodnight,
angel, sweet love of my life
ooh I need this

I'm a slow dying flower
frost killing hour
the sweet turning sour
& untouchable

Do you remember the way that you touched me before,
all the trembling sweetness
I loved and adored...
Your face saving promises
whispered like prayers.
I don't need them.

I need the darkness,
the sweetness,
the sadness,
the weakness,
ooh I need this.
I need a lullabye
a kiss goodnight,
angel, sweet love of my life
ooh I need this
Well, is it dark enough,
can you see me?
do you want me?
can you reach me?
or I'm leaving...
you better shut your mouth
and hold your breath
you kiss me now,
you catch your death
oh I mean this...
oh I mean this...
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