Before I start, my mind laughs and reminds me
these battles are too hard to win
but for the effort given, energies could just change their direction,
there's your desire to reach out
and there's a golden state of new perspectives.

So many words trapped in a rush of sensations
and feeling how the air screams on my skin
just by touching me softly
constant air, and a reaction that makes me fear of myself,
such a dual interaction.

Visions of memories that once in a while
during the night
show me how the sensation fades every time
how you made me feel, how I saw myself floating
images in my head, but just small frames of weakness...

Weakness that lays behind this door
because I don't want it out just yet
and because it would be much better to join you in that room
than to open a new box and cover you up
cover your kisses
cover your touch
cover your essence...

In the photo once more::.. Lady Wal.

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