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1_ I think you knew it would come to this, I think you knew you would need me away, I think you knew.

2_ You are probably mad at me for not being as weak, you are probable mad at me for not staying, for my expressions.

3_ You might not understand, you might think I should of see this coming... you might not know how much damage you did to yourself this way.

4_ For me there's nothing back, for me it's been all erased, and that also I think you know.

5_ But if you don't, if you think or feel like you could make some space to make me stand again...

6_ I'll make sure you push those thoughts away, just as you pushed me.
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Just For The Fun Of It

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Too much of our own state of sanity we give to others
Too much we allow for others to suck our peace
Because we open as many windows as we can
Expecting some good to come

As we connect, we take that chance
We put our so weak perspectives at risk
And we do it waiting for something fun to happen
Just hoping it will be worthy

Sometimes we feel like doing this
Some others we fear too much
But if only we had a magic card
If we could do this holding the smile on our faces

As I suffer, I laugh
As I regret I also live
And as I fear I only wish I could also fly

Only connecting I can do this,
be a part of my own experience
and mock life as I engage myself
once again. 
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Heredity Of Crap

These are not the skills I wanted to learn from you 
Thanks but I believe I'm better off
What was that again? Could you please speak up?
There's some noise in between and I can't understand what you're saying.

Yes I would, and I'd probably be better than you at it
If I just felt like it was something I needed to borrow,
Then sure... it would be interesting (for you) to see me master this easy as it was for you to share.

No I don't think I'll be using that as much, 
you could ask the future guys and I'm sure they might agree
Perhaps you thought it was fun for you, but as we well know
didn't go as we planned.

Fear of moving, of blinking, breathing or touching
Afraid of making a move, being myself
Shyness and blindness
just the exact opposite of who I wanna be.
So no thanks, but those skills I do not desire
So no thanks, but you better keep them to yourself
So no thanks, I will be a lot better without any of your crap.
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