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From this face on there’s your truth
Like if words could transform on their way out
Study my face while I say nothing
You know what goes around this air

Behind my breaths you can hear my voice
Your strength can hold on to my look
Then your mind perceives some kind of message
You know what it feels like to lie

Then a green shade falls onto our heads
We keep on looking at each other
And as fake as it is we both rake what it’s yelling from inside
You know what I mean with this silence

From this face on there’s my lie
Like if words had a life on their own as they walk right to you
Analyze my breathing while I stare at you
You know what jumps in my head

After all this realness shapes could be what they want
For a true definition can never be conceived
You know me

In the photo: Naama
Lyrics by Kelly De Martino

I could say I saw
You walk across water
I could say I saw
You walk across water

Unless you keep me honest
Unless you keep me honest

I could say I saw
You look upon your lover
I could say I saw
You look upon your lover

Unless you keep me honest
Unless you keep me honest
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1/2 Frame in Time

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Never complete.. There's my 1/2 and there's theirs, to conform some of my unique units.

There was a time when my life would go around a silver chain with a coin on it, carrying it everywhere as a bracelet in my hand. It represented how I felt and the bond that we had created... Just a 1/2.

As music comes to my ears, a special song about a girl named Annie came to me and my life never went back to being the same after he played some brothers called Craig. A sense of attraction and a game well played... Just a 1/2.

Common and repeated visits to cold spaces and the fixing up in front of a mirror before going to see him, in love with the image of something forbidden and the reflect of a brighter version of me. Being codependent of those moments and there goes another 1/2…

With my hand extended I touch a face, feeling the skin from the forehead to the chin… as an expression of love and care as he taught me a while ago, for as long as he kept that key hanging in his chest we loved each other… Just a 1/2..

A certain time when we couldn’t sleep or rest, songs that would play in our heads during the whole day and the expectation before our daily calls. A feeling of belonging with another lost soul that knew how bad it felt.. The t-shirts I kept to myself as part of that wasted 1/2…

The chance of believing in destiny beyond power and control, the taste of lips from heaven and one lost answer to get away from his car and his roof, a very last 1/2 that hasn’t settle in my table yet.

Those are just mine, and they’re the only masters and owners of the other 1/2... Our imitations of life.

Lyrics by REM

Charades, pop skill
Water hyacinth, named by a poet.
Imitation of life
Like a koi in a frozen pond
Like a goldfish in a bowl
I dont want to hear you cry

Thats sugarcane that tasted good
Thats cinnamon thats hollywood
Cmon cmon no one can see you try

You want the greatest thing
The greatest thing since bread came sliced.
Youve got it all, youve got it sized.
Like a friday fashion show teenager
Freezing in the corner
Trying to look like you dont try

Thats sugarcane that tasted good.
Thats cinnamon thats hollywood
Cmon cmon no one can see you try
No one can see you cry

Thats sugarcane that tasted good
Thats freezing rain thats what you could
Cmon cmon no one can see you cry
This sugarcane
This lemonade
This hurricane, Im not afraid.
Cmon cmon no one can see me cry
This lightning storm
This tidal wave
This avalanche, Im not afraid.

Cmon cmon no one can see me cry
Thats sugarcane that tasted good
Thats who you are, thats what you could
Cmon cmon no one can see you cry
Thats sugarcane that tasted good
Thats who you are, thats what you could
Cmon cmon no one can see you cry
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Verde - Adelante

Rojo y blanco - Rosado

Música - Ritmos

Idea - Acción

Chocolate - Bienestar

Deudas - Stress

Tiempo - Límites

Diabolo en ese semáforo - Recuerdo instantáneo de él

Golpe - dolor

Distancia - Inquietante paz

Inhalar - Oxígeno

Tacto - Sensación de vida

Indecisión - Verdades ocultas

Afirmación - base de quien soy

Azul y amarillo - Verde

Memorias - Nuevas perspectivas sobre un mismo punto

Expresión - Piezas propias que voy regalando - Otros comprometiéndose conmigo y mis ideas

Acciones visibles - Confianza

Música - Movimiento de células

Rojo - Detenerse

Error - Miedo - Cobardía

Los 17 - Sonrisa única

Verdad - Seguros

Este post - Sus perspectivas nacientes
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Tanta información fluyendo más rápido que nuestras mentes tratando de analizarla*

Este post es una tarea que me tomé prestada de una clase a la cual no pertenezco; el tema del artículo de opinión a escribir: LAS PERSONAS PRESTAN CADA VEZ MENOS ATENCIÓN A LOS ADULTOS, RECLAMANDO ADEMAS MÁS LIBERTAD.

Hace un par de días lei en un libro que cada día la habilidad de prestar atención estaba más saturada y sobrecargada. Siendo yo una docente preescolar, entiendo la magnitud de tal acierto y no puedo estar en desacuerdo. Hay una exageración de información circulando en el mundo y desde personas poco conectadas hasta en full sintonía con la sociedad, es demasiado para lidiar.

Muchas personas están en la constante necesidad de avanzar y adquirir más y más conocimiento, como si su aprendizaje se basara en ese puro almacenamiento del mismo. Por lo que he investigado e interpretado los últimos meses, puedo asegurar que este factor esta sobrecargando las mentes de las personas; las cuales no se dan un momento para aprender a clasificar información necesario e innecesaria.

Todo viene de la facilidad y el alcance que se tiene de la información en la actualidad, internet esta por todos lados y Todo esta en la internet. Esa sensación de poder que experimentamos nos hace sentir libres en el sentido de que no necesitamos prácticamente ir hacia los que mas saben en busca de respuestas. Anteriormente, y aún hoy en día en algunos casos, son los adultos quienes poseen la mayor cantidad de conocimientos, porque son quienes más han vivido y sus experiencias los han convertido en personas del saber. Pero desde mi perspectiva, los jóvenes hoy en día ya no ven como verídica esa fuente de información por dos importantes y entrelazadas razones:

1. La información no tiene costo y es libre, y podemos obtenerla de cualquier sitio sin necesidad de esperar que alguien nos responda de la forma en la que esperamos escuchar nuestras respuestas.
2. La sensación de independencia tan necesaria y vital para toda persona, se incrementa al ver que somos capaces de crear conocimiento sin ayuda de otros que saben y conocen más que nosotros.

Los puntos de vista y opiniones propias de un ser humano, generan una gran influencia en los conocimientos que manejamos y hacemos fluir hacia otras personas. Depende mucho de la validez de los conocimientos que obtengamos, cual confiabilidad generaría esa fuente de información… Y muchos sabemos que aún cuando los adultos tienen miles de opiniones a través de las cuales justifican muchos de sus conocimientos, la internet y su infinita libertad de información no posee una perspectiva tan subjetiva.

Este último punto genera un interesante hecho: somos tan independientes con nuestras propias formas de conocer y conseguir información que, de cierta forma, se incrementan las ganas de compartir eso que creamos, por lo que nuestras ideas empapadas de subjetividad o falsa objetividad serán bases informativas de otras personas que busquen información a través de la misma herramienta (internet)… Logrando así que las personas hagan circular su información llena de propias perspectivas, incluyendo perspectivas de aquellas personas mayores a las cuales ya no les preguntamos porque es más fácil buscarlo online.
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It is for sure that girls come from a different universe, there's no other way to explain what goes around and about them.

They express, fight, scream, think and say... True or false ideals of an image to fill within their real expectations... just because boys are suppose to be less deep than girl. But how good it feels to have a clear and relaxed mind instead of analyzing that much.

A power beyond their own control for the very heavy job of justifying a gender and what it carries. They push and wonder, do their best to be pretty and smile to everyone. From very simple and sometimes stupid to way too intense and deep to be understood, girls that make an infinite effort to prove something that they might miss along the way...

Special gestures, how good they smell, the power behind a decision, and the control over kisses and experiences... but also the stress of living beyond any expectation. Girls breaking patterns that they don't even understand sometimes. So much talent behind strategies to live each minute as if is the last one... is it worth it?

Complicating so many things, saying more than what they should, making mistakes and justifying themselves just because girls know better... I get them, I feel them, I wish things were not that hard to figure out, and I wish that us girls, didn't need to prove ourselves this much.

Boys are right sometimes.. but they also find that gold within girls... Girls and their foundations.

Lyrics by Kate Nash

so it's date night, every thing's fine, except you've got that look in your eye
when I'm tellin' a story and you find it boring,
you're thinking of something to say.
You'll go along with it then drop it and humiliate me in front of our friends.

Then I'll use that voice that you find annoyin' and say something like
"yeah, intelligent input, darlin', why don't you just have another beer then?"

Then you'll call me a bitch
and everyone we're with will be embarrassed,
and I wont give a shit.

My finger tips are holding onto the cracks in our foundation,
and I know that I should let go,
but I can't.
And every time we fight I know it's not right,
every time that you're upset and I smile.
I know I should forget, but I can't.

You said I must eat so many lemons
'cause i am so bitter.
I said
"I'd rather be with your friends mate 'cause they are much fitter."

Yes, it was childish and you got aggressive,
and I must admit that I was a bit scared,
but it gives me thrills to wind you up.

My finger tips are holding on to the cracks in our foundation,
and I know that I should let go,
but I can't.
And every time we fight I know it's not right,
every time that you're upset and I smile
I know I should forget, but I can't.

Your face is pasty 'cause you've gone and got so wasted, what a surprise.
Don't want to look at your face 'cause it's makin' me sick.
You've gone and got sick on my trainers,
I only got these yesterday.
Oh, my gosh, I cannot be bothered with this.

Well, I'll leave you there 'till the mornin',
and I purposely wont turn the heating on
and dear God, I hope I'm not stuck with this one.

My finger tips are holding onto the cracks in our foundation,
and I know that I should let go,
but I can't.
And every time we fight I know it's not right,
every time that you're upset and I smile.
I know I should forget, but I can't.

And every time we fight I know it's not right,
every time that you're upset and I smile.
I know I should forget, but I can't.
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Ms. Prym

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I don't really like to talk about movies, unless it really meant something to me.. The lion king for example, but with regular movies I don’t feel like I’d have an accurate repertory of knowledge to criticize, I would let my special friend Animetronic do that, he’s great at it.

Even so, tonight I'll make some kind of exception, 'cause this movie reminded me of a thought that got stocked in my head a couple years ago after reading a very interesting yet simple book, which was the following (the thought, not the book): people are mainly bad and then learn into becoming good (does that make any sense?)

About the book, it was a story about a man that went to a small town for an experiment; he wanted to prove that people are evil, just because something terrible happened to him. After I read it the idea stayed in my mind because it made some kind of sense to me, as I grew into the analytic person I am today, and keep on expanding my analytic characteristic… I could see that essence of evil in people’s actions.

It really fascinates me how much someone could be driven by dishonest motives, and how is that people can have a sick feeling of excitement towards bad things. I’ve heard it: it is easier to take the simple yet wrong path instead of working hard to obtain the same result but without doing any harm… We are all selfish, but we do our best not to hurt others.

But that’s us… maybe a group that read this blog, or people that know me, others that through people I know will get to this post… But what about real evil? Tonight’s movie was about a bad guy who, I thought, had a real and big motivation to do what he did… it was a pretty impressive plan, and a pretty interesting man... But someone who I thought (as a bad person he was…?) had a bigger story behind his actions; what he showed the audience was the idea of that, but as we saw in the movie… he didn’t really wanted something more than money… and, as I see it, that really made the movie go from amazing to mediocre.

Closer was another movie that got me thinking about people's weird way to act, but how true we could all be towards our feelings and actions to lead ourselves into the future... But that would be another post based on love and choices.
About the book that I read before… the essence of evilness in the people from that small town was true, pure, selfish, real and honest… almost to the point of admiration.

…Just some crazy thoughts when I can’t sleep, and some lyrics of a song that came back to my ipod.
P.S.: The title has nothing to do with the post, just the fact that in the book, the only and pure good individual had that name.

Lyrics by Aimee Mann

There is nothing that competes with habit
And I know its neither deep nor tragic
Its simply that you have to have it

So you can make a killing
Oh you can make a killing
Oh you can make a killing

I wish I was both young and stupid
Then I too could have the fun that you did
Till it was time to pony up what you bid

So you could make a killing
Oh you could make a killing
Oh you could make a killing

I could follow you and search the rubble
Or stay right here and save myself some trouble
Or try to keep myself from seeing double

Or I could make a killing
Or I could make a killing
Oh I could make a killing
Yeah I could make a killing
I could make a killing
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Infatuation Junkie

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In general, our actions are guided by our needs and things we want to accomplish… there’s always a goal to reach. Those actions are the only thing we own and no one can take them away from us, we are free to act as we feel like to and also to deal with the repercussions created either good or bad. Taking in consideration the fact that we, as adults, do our best to base those actions on good things that will not harm us; it seems necessary to clarify that sometimes we don’t really choose what’s best for us, and we know it.

I’ve talked about it before, our selective mind work on its own sometimes, and it’s up to us what actions we will assume to control it… Simple: Do I kiss him or not?

For me, I could be honest and say that I know exactly what I’m doing, but then I might realize that I was actually lying to myself. Very common and very useful… but when it comes to people my actions turn very real and I got to a point (today, this point) where I won’t justify my actions anymore but instead I will make the commitment to do my best to control them. There’s the bad side of these particular situations of mine…

I’m constantly having crushes with boys, almost all the time, regular boys, simple and unique boys, even boys that I’m sure don’t really match with me. But I get crushed and I pursue them. Infatuations come and go, and the time that the infatuations stay within me, depends on how much I gain from them... As soon as I get some information and/or respond from them, the infatuation will go away. It’s right when I figure them out.

I can’t help it, I can’t stop, and I can’t control it… I adore/hate having infatuations and get some kind of energy from the boys who I get the infatuation with… I used to hide them, and feel bad about them, ‘cause our society has giving us girls a number, a quantity (aprox) of how many boys we should date or hang out with… Around 5 is fine, less than 10 is ok more than 10 is not allowed! God forbid me to feel guilty about my actions, but also to hurt myself during the process.

I do think infatuations are needed, and both boys and girls can freely have them and enjoy them, and any harm they might cause should be granted to how big the expectations are from both individuals in the infatuated couple (which is so wrong). This is why I always get mistaken when I “act on” my infatuations… Sometimes I hurt people.

Will I stop? No (and I wish…)
Do I like to have constant infatuations? Yes (and I wish I didn’t…)
Do I have the power to change it? Yep
Will it sink me eventually? Sure..
Did I make a point for some in writing all this? I hope so

In the photo: Waleska S.
Lyrics by Imogen Heap

Inside out, upside-down twisting beside myself,
Stop that now, cos you and I were never meant to be
I think you better leave; it's not safe in here,
I feel a weakness coming on.

Alright then (Alright then) I could keep your number for a rainy day,
That's where this ends, no mistakes no misbehaving,
Oh, I was doing so well, can we just be friends,
I feel a weakness coming on.

It's not meant to be like this, not what I planned at all,
I don't want to feel like this,
No it's not meant to be like this, not what I planned at all,
I don't want to feel like this, so that makes it all your fault.

Inside out, upside-down twisting beside myself,
Stop that now; you're as close as it gets without touching me,
Oh no, don't make it harder than it already is,
Mmm, I feel a weakness coming on.

Big trouble losing control,
Primary resistance at a critical low,
On the double gotta get a hold,
Point of no return one second to go,
No response on any level, red alert this vessels under siege,
Total overload, systems down, they've got control,
There's no way out, we are surrounded,
Give in, give in and relish every minute of it
Freeze, awake here forever, I feel a weakness coming on.
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Missed calls
Txt msg
Feeling of loss
12:00 am
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