Got Crush?

If we could have control over the universe, I can think of so many things I would change to be different, such a selfish but fun idea to explore... but for this post I'll pretend that it is possible and make someone smile with it. She asked the question and gave me the inspiration for this, because it would make so much sense, and probably we would enjoy ourselves better... At the end of the day, who doesn't like having crushes?

If I could control crushes within our universe, I would like to follow these rules:

1- You will have no more than one crush by month.

2- A maximum of three weeks will be the time given to make sure it is an actual crush, or something different. In which case you should stop reading these rules. 

3- A crush is considered the attraction towards someone because of the way you feel by looking at the person. No extra feelings, no deeper connections.

4- The "when" and "where" shall be the only expectation allowed for each crush.

     4.1- Nothing should be left unsaid. A crush is for people to enjoy and have something different in their minds for a while, fears, questions and worries should be left for a serious relationship. 

5- Physical contact is a must after the crush starts.

6- Girls are allowed to flirt as much as they can. Boys shall consider this no more than a way for girls to be noticed.

7- Boys must understand by the girl's body language, that for a crush to function, fears must be kept aside. Not only boys are looking for their needs to be satisfied, girls are human as well.

8- A crush is different from a relationship as in, there are not so many limits. People is allowed to get a crush for someone else and act on it. In which case they must end the other crush. (This rule goes along with #1)

9- Crushes are for two people. There is no reason for people to find out or gossip around. The matter of a secret crush is what makes is special.

10- The moment you start wondering these rules, it's most likely that your crush has become something bigger and different involving feelings and emotions. By this point another process with different actions and thoughts must be followed.

If only this could actually happen... then my addiction would make me even happier.
Thanks to the girl that inspired this post...

Annie -The Infatuation Junkie-

For a musical note, a video that I related with during my last crush: (Guily pleasure, for sure)

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