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Tienes dos días para terminar de prepararte, y aún sientes que la información no esta completa, no esta organizada, algo falta.. pero la verdad aun no hay mucho stress porque el tiempo ya presionará suficientemente.

Ahora falta un día y probablemente comiences a idear cuales palabras saldrán de tu boca al momento de comenzar. Pero el hecho de preparar un discurso suena un poco intimidante, así que lo dejas a un lado... al final, aun falta un día para que te veas frente a ese reto de expresar tus ideas y tu trabajo.

¿Qué son 30 min? Es bastante, aún las ideas no necesitan estar muy organizadas, tan sólo saber que lo que vas a decir es tan tuyo como la sangre que corre a gran velocidad por tus venas, haciendo que de cierta forma te sientas abrumado y los nervios comiencen a afectarte.

La gente frente a ti, de cierta forma esperando que muestres alguna señal de humanismo, que estes asustado, nervioso, o extremadamente seguro, por lo cual seguramente te envidiarían "Como muestra tanta seguridad antes de dirigirse a nosotros para hablar"... Luego te das cuenta que al pensar en ello, pierdes el poco tiempo que tienes contigo mismo para prepararte...

Solo 5 min y comenzará, mientras tratas de encontrarte contigo mismo para que ese otro Yo te diga: "Si vale, claro que estas listo"... Pero mientras piensas en lo tonto y ridículo que es estar pensando en esa escena, te pasan otros tres minutos y ya es casi momento de arrancar con una introducción que será la más espontánea posible, saldrá de un interior.

Tres segundos antes de levantar la cara, sonreir y enviarle señales a quien maneja las diapositivas, piensas en esto que una vez te dijeron "Sabes que estas listo apenas dos segundos antes de comenzar" y de pronto una extraña fuerza impulsa tus palabras desde el cerebro, encontrándose con tus emociones de logro para comenzar a armar la primera frase: "Muy buenas noches"
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It's emotionally exhausting.. To choose... To know... To assume... To decide...
I could sell all these questions and make myself rich, but I'd keep one of them: "why can't you stay here for al while?"
People get tired of walking, walking, running, hiding, seeking, seeing... But this is just me and all I want is to stop time and avoid what's aching.
It's emotionally exhausting... To choose... To know... To assume... To decide...
I chose you once, I knew you once, I assumed you were that person and I decided to stay there with you... Once a long time ago, and it felt so easy to do so back then.
It's emotionally exhausting... To choose what will change my reality.
It's emotionally exhausting... To know that this won't take me anywhere.
It's emotionally exhausting... To assume that our future could be created.
It's emotionally exhausting... To decide for me, myself over you, myself over us, myself over that love.
I wish I could just wake up.
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To Care

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Tan difícil definir los diferentes tipos de cariño, son poseídos y
envueltos por tantos elementos propios de cada persona... Unos quieren
de formas agradables, otros quieren de formas dramáticas y otros
quieren de formas incomprensibles.

Pero siempre tras la fácil frase que debería justificar actitudes,
acciones y enfrentamientos... Porque así eres y así amas, así expresas
tu cariño.

Para quienes estan del otro lado del plano, asumen una posición
difícil con respecto a cómo entender o aceptar ese afecto que se les
entrega de formas tan diversas y tantas veces fría y agresivas.

Pero ella dice que te quiere y esa es su forma de ser... Y el dice que
no se siente cómodo expresando sus emociones... Y ella dice sufrir al
ver que tu eres incapaz de modificar tus formas de comunicación... Y
el llora al pensar que quizás es su culpa...

Y todo llega a un pequeño momento en el cual existe la posibilidad de
encontrarnos y decir: te quiero, y lo siento... ¿De qué lado debemos
levantarnos y decidir quien esta actuando mal y quien no?... Tan sólo
asumo que mi forma de querer es pura y no daña a nadie, del resto tan
sólo aprendo a recibir sus formas de afecto tanto como pueda.
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You're there and what's separating you from fantasy is just the lack of willing your hands have to grab it and make it real.
She's on the other side of the frame and there's a feeling of sweet waves calling for her name... There's an energy that screams and begs.
In a deep subconscious level they can't fall, and the ideal of an encounter in that magical dream doesn't seem to be enough to satisfied the need of one look, one kiss and one breath.
As in a short film, they can't avoid the end to come, and frustration comes as that small sign represents the key for one escape to the happiest place...

Now turn around in your bed and give your back to the reality that won't ever come.
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Warning: extremely long! or at least it might be.

For a while I've been reading over and over again, these old posts that I've been trying to put together in order to publish something and unleash whatever that's sinking me in this shitty hole.

It doesn’t happened that often, that there's a lack of inspiration for me to write whatever I’m feeling or thinking, but when it happens it doesn’t take me long to find out exactly what the problem is... as for this particular situation, the answer seems to be pretty simple: what’s bothering me is not real, so I realized that if I write about it, I would be writing about stuff I’ve already written before.

So, even if this might be a very long post, I don’t give a damn... I just need to let myself free and write what I’m feeling. God I miss him... the biggest infatuation ever, someone who became a very special friend and now that his life has been suffering some changes, (good for him, not so good for me) I seem to be left out in some way! Which I really hate, I miss having him tell me about his crazy adventures, and how much he might share infatuations like me, or how fun it was to find out of a girl that was willing to share that special attraction... I miss that! I miss being that friend to him and to keep and maintain that special bond we have. This selfish little me.

So there, nothing new I just wrote... but I guess I still needed to say it.

What about plans? Supposedly the universe draws a pretty and very unique road for everyone, and within that road there are rooms that represent what we wish, want or need... so we're suppose to create plans with some help of the universe and its signs, in order for us to make them real. Lately I’ve realized that that's just bullshit... I don’t really know what’s the correct process or path to follow, but I do know and understand that there’re no plans that can be conceived with no space for mistakes... mistakes that come with no piece of warning.

Meaning that some plans are made to never really come true... maybe accomplishing a certain goal, gaining some kind of power, meeting someone, giving life to some kind of feeling we might have... Who could really assure us that those are plans that will become real? No one, there’s just no one... but us waiting and expecting. What makes me feel empty about all this is that I’ve been waiting for a long time, for these plans of mine to become real and to make me happy once and for all... at least for the while that I’m suppose to be happy before crap happens again (teoría del caos)

So there, no plans I guess... unless it represents a way to become a success within my professional life, which seems to function perfectly under control and pressure.

Sometimes I really believe there was another time in my life, a time where my heart was making all the decisions and things were just going in a random rhythm and making the greatest sense of all... but now it seems to be gone, that time and its perfect synchronization. I know exactly what’s going on with all of you.

I might be making no sense at all here, writing this, but I just couldn’t hold myself anymore, and as I empty my bottle of wine, I promise myself not to go to sleep until my last thought is written here tonight.

Now listening to this song I can’t just help it but relate to some lyrics that seem to describe the situation perfectly: I’ve got to lose some control. People say I tend to analyze too much, but it is my nature, the way I understand some things come from my deep and needed analysis so for me to stop that, will be to stop being who I am, and I can't allow myself do that. What really makes it hard is the perspective people seems to have towards my tendency to analyze, for they see it as a bad aspect of me, and something that seems to hold me back with some things... that’s just so untrue.

Which leads me to me new, scary and yet exciting discovery: no one really seems to get the whole me with the extra "analyze" side. No one, not even you, is able to understand how important it is for me to uncover my soul, and to find as many answers as I can to figure out what this world and this universe plan for me and the ones around me... I truly believe analyzing has its importance, and for me it couldn’t be less clear: it gives me the real deal of stuff that is important to me. It gives me control.

So, now that I start feeling free as my words are easily written here, I come clean by saying: trouble will come, and I will be ready because I saw this coming: I don’t hate you, don’t wanna fight you, I always loved but now I just don’t like you, you took this too far and I believe you know these words I’m writing here. The time will come when you’ll understand what a mistake it is not to face feelings and to hide them before trying to figure out what they mean, and here I speak for both of us... such cowards, that now it’s all lost for good which (I believe) I'm sure, was suppose to happen like that.

Now changing rooms~

I fight myself with the idea of a wonderful encounter, a perfect place, a perfect time and the perfect situation for us to finally materialize what floats within us. But as much as time passes by and as long as I think about it, I see how the universe has been putting us in separate roads, not physically but emotionally... and it makes me mad because I really have deep feelings for you. So it all comes down to one stupid wondering, do I cut my hair or do I leave it grow until one day, I finally see what there is behind all these written words and all these hidden feelings, at least from me. And the answer doesn’t seem to appear any time soon... although there’s a fact that I’ve learnt to swallow: you don’t belong with me and there is a frame that owns you since the very beginning, even if my hair grows, things will not change and an opportunity to change history doesn’t seem real at all... even when I’m aware of all that... scissors won't get near my hair.

Yet my loneliness keeps on eating me alive, and people getting close to me don’t seem to bring anything positive for me to heal and move forward, all they want is a piece of me and then fly away as soon as they can. And as weak as I can get, it doesn’t seem hard for me to give away those little pieces, it’s been a blast so far...

In the photo: Annie Walshe

Lyrics by Hey Mercedes

if you're through with it
you are gonna make me sick
sitting their with your hands in your hair
if you're through with it
you are gonna make me sick
no one cares who you carried to get here
in a quiet murmur of spit
cash it in with a whisper of wit
haven't you seen them
loving your commitment
the show of a man who feigns
a love that i love
now i said it
so by the time you come to
we'll know just what to do
we'll be singing and dancing
for the death of romancing
yeah i have finally found her
yeah show me where it hurts
here's your punishment
you had the best that you will ever see
you wasted it
now she sees the good in me
we could talk for hours and hours about you
but we don't
what good could that possibly do
so by the time you come to
she finally forgot you
we'll be singing and dancing
our rebirth of romancing
yeah she has finally found me
yeah i'll show you where it hurts
you won't hear me breathe
i sleep so soundly
hear me
stepping over heads to get ahead
at that rate you will surely get your due
but you'll have to wait around
until you are dead
you won't hear us breathe
we sleep so soundly
your lost love and me
we're not listening
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