One special way of putting words together, few words and make an idea with it
Their necks and how it seems that skin calls out for a touch
That opposite extreme of not complicating things
Simple ways of seeing life
How they make it so hard to read their minds
The music they plant in my senses and the effects that remain

How with their silence they make me want them more
That relaxing appearance that seems so easy to envy
How stupid and vulnerable they can always make me feel
Playful expressions, as if they had a plan to make me fall head over feet
but actually, they just are how they are
The "no plan" plan to live

Dumb and tough movements that for them, have no reaction on me
but they do, badly
Blind and honest decisions that reach beatings too hard for me or any girl to understand
and how with that, they live in such a simple way
Sounds that bounce in my mind whenever they visit during dreams

How I notice them and they seem surprised
and how they can make my skin go nuts just by staring at me
How with one short line they can change my whole speech
and be right many times
How with such powerless actions they can make me loose my temper
and become so powerful to my eyes

Because boys are not from this planet, and that's great
Because boys can drive me crazy, and that's sweet
Because boys will fly me to that other side, and that's awesome
Because boys can always turn me over, and that's cool
Because boys are everything I'm not, and that's amusing

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