Pen On Paper

By saying that words remain, I wouldn't be saying anything new, mostly when words are written. Words on paper, wall, screen, fabric or skin. Symbols we organize all together with such meaning and they may come out so easily, but it could also be so hard to figure out.

Written words that could express so much, because when we speak, we let ourselves out and get carried away with such passion, attitude, honesty, character, and strong visions.

When we write, is such a different process than talking, the opposite so to speak. We think differently about how our ideas will come out, there's a bunch of connections we create between words that we dig and seek for, in order to make some kind of sense in what we are saying. We care a lot for the letters we are putting together and what they will communicate.

It is not only for me, but for everyone, writing can become into a very powerful tool to reach our inner self, something that we could offer to others that have made some sort of connection with us, or are on their way to do so. People will always appreciate written words from others; probably because is so private, so intimate, so honest, so pure and so real.

Written words that can touch so many souls, reach so many spaces and fill so many voids, but specially can be such a bond between people.

Here I write to so many but at the same time to no one at all. Hoping these words do what they're suppose to.

Lyrics by Pj Harvey

Put the pen
To the paper
Press the envelope
With my scent
Can't you see
In my handwriting
The curve Of my g?
The longing


Who is left that
Writes these days?
You and me
We'll be different
Take the cap
Off your pen
Wet the envelope
Lick and lick it


I need you
The time is running out
Oh baby
Can't you hear me call?

It turns me on
To imagine
Your blue eyes
On my words
Your beautiful pen
Take the cap off
Give me a sign and I'd come running

It's you
I want you 

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