Some kind of white rush that runs through your mind
and for just one moment your feet leave this ground
whould you mind me asking where we are going?
as if in that far distance things could improve this perspective

While I stare at this image of myself, colors mix and dance
they have learnt my unique discipline and can now amaze me
for just one moment I don't hear what I say
and these words are just lifting me high

I never thought a surprise could become such an awesome frame
so good that it just stops being scary
and my head floats within this cloud of sensations
for me, there's no better dream that one I get the chance to live

Some kind of white rush runs through my skin
'cause this is about to make me shiver and I can't wait to being smiling again
over those colors I'll make things right
and beyond that realness we'll keep this secret to ourselves

In the photo: Cristi Llorente

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