I'll Be There Soon

'Cause if I didn't know you better, I'd say you won't be happy to see me... but there's not much I can expect, and it drives you crazy.

Would it be awkard? will this personality of mine appear to heal all damage done before? I should not count on you for that, I'm sure.

I'm almost ready but inside time burns too fast, this face will do its best to hide the words, the sadness, the questions and dark colors.

Could it be soft? I can't stop looking down in front of this mirror... Chaos seems to call for me and within that ugliness, your presence.

Makeup to hide this void, breakable smile to seem happy, one clean image to hold me through those few seconds, and these lines I will keep in my head.

It comes quickly and it will go faster, and hopefully things will be under control... Now my face gets into character and I'll be there soon.

In the photo: Flo

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