It can always get so lonely surrounded by so much people, sounds, wind, movement and still... so lonely.

This body of mine is sharing oxygen with them and I wonder if they notice that... I move a little and send some kind of signal to this touchable universe, because I either want to feel them closer or want them to walk away and leave me here for good, just walk by me.

It can always get so lonely as in each period I get to see people that at first were strangers, but then suddenly disappear within time, as I disappear from their own spaces. Another period might start and with it loneliness will return to fill their void. Because I can't help but give myself to it.

I will probably finish writing these lines, I'll throw this coke away and I'll stand up and walk back to that people, that realness that contains me; people that I will keep in this frame of time, locked just because we met and here they remain, just as long as present becomes past... Because loneliness will reclaim its place once more and I will welcome it with such kind smile.

It can always get so lonely, and it will hold my hand, blow through my hair, touch my heart, provide these inner and scary voices... and then leave whenever the process begins all over again.

Lyrics by Kelly De Martino

Hard to see
What’s right in front of me
Hard to say
Who I am today

When was the last time
You felt this way
I thought I saw stars
In your eyes that night

Long lost sea
Of silent mystery
Well worn coat
Of broken armoury
When was the last time you felt this way
I thought I was flying to you that night
When was the last time I felt this way

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