Smile Behind The Screen

As a unique routine you’re very much familiar with. For many different reasons that object seems to be important for you.

And you wonder… how is that a non-living item can make you feel like a child in front of his/her first Christmas present… a sensation that even when we grow up, we try to hold on to it, and fight who ever dares taking it away from us.

No one can really define what it is… it’s one unique status or emotion that we all share at one moment but still becomes something singular and special for each on… instead of using words, I smile.

…one smile that made you float for a couple of seconds.

…one smile that got you by surprise and the muscles on your face couldn’t help but to express that singular movement.

…one smile that you give to an object that can’t really see it, feel it or touch it.

…one smile that you wish could go through the glass and spread its energy to that other soul that has decided to join you in this amazingly surprising frame of time.

I smile behind the screen and might find myself giving away more and more smiles, and if reasons I seek for, all there will be is a single soul smiling back to a different screen.

Simple lines and a wonderful tool some people seem to have, that can make me feel different and connected to them… they use that tool and make me smile like this.

'Cause I could be caught in one surreal moment or just trying to figure out where his signals came from… but what’s for sure is that tonight, he’ll join me in the scary but joyful action of smiling behind a screen.

No picture for this entry, but one special song to sing along...

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