Make Me Jump

Meeting you in one alone Friday night
talking about that old love

fading crushes and making sure we're not copying that song

although yes, we're tierd of being alone

Search for me, and find one answer

one smile and one unique understanding

I'll be writing our love song, for no one

but as together as we suffer

one simple smile can surprise us

and we'll be golden for a couple of seconds

la la la

node your head with this song

and whisper that hidden idea

I won't hear it

and your secret will stay safe for more time

Hurry and be my company for a colorful frame of time

you're so good for me in this moment

for this time of my universe

and for a reaction in a universe

that seems to keep us connected

Sign in and we'll keep on figuring this out

for a moment that seems to eat other people alive

we smile to each other

we might be staying golden

in my own different dimension

you'll be safe from me.

I'll know it, when I see you
and your heart is not jumping right now,
we'll wait for our hearts to jump together for them

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