1:08 AM

And here I am once again, facing this ceiling
because I guess you were all waiting

there's a new face and soul sitting here with us

without knowing, my energy brought you here tonight and I don't seem to be surprised by it

So hey you...

Filling this room with terrible and bad ideas that make us laugh

'cause you're hanging up there and there's so much I can share with you

staring at each one of you and all these ideas you see in my eyes

oh no, disaster

it is why we're doing this, this way...

before you all wake up and feel weird

maybe you had a dream and wonder why

did I make you think about me?

Clicking clock and shining mirrors

for a moment we're all quiet and the silence takes us softly

and while that song plays underneath the energy

I thank you for coming during my sleep

It is 1:08 AM and the feeling is still great every night.

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