Crossing Water

They could meet and find each other
those moments could be saved
for one simple eternity.

So many "could" in a short phrase...
so many whispers in one line
'cause this river of mine
still carries the not knowing
emptiness in one small answer.

Our waters once crossed and met,
the liked each other
but now that both have flouted
I can't stop drowning as if July never ends.

Tonight will be 122 days
2928 hours
and 175680 impulses
for the strength of this wave
that fights against me
for my hand not to reach and sink.

In other words,
I crossed your river
and I can't get out of it
until the water clears for me.

Other waters await
but you froze yours so much
that I no longer feel like belonging in it
I'll see you come back
not knowing my feet wait for that reaction
to swim away.

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