The Spot

This same spot I've seen before
I walked right by it, but took too much time thinking

if I should stop or not

then I walked away, and smiled about it
Always the same time.. 9:24 pm

Some more days passed by

I found myself walking near the spot once more

and it didn't surprise me to find myself

waiting to stay and check it out

One day I stayed, it was 9:24 pm

I stood there and watched people walk by me

talk right next to me

I heard you and I saw you

fixing this energy I felt standing here

then I walked away again.

Months went by and I kept on crossing myself with the spot

wondering why on earth my feet keep on guiding me

thinking about what there is to offer in here

knowing that I could stay just for too long

understanding that oh well.. it is you who I wait for

So now I walk by it,

and little notes I leave for you

I want to join you in the magic
but everything I know tells me not to.
Your soul is new to me, but the shadow not so much

Here I'll stand, whenever is 9:24 pm
so make a plan.

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