Bite Your Tongue

Some say that is not very healthy to relay your process of feeling better on someone new every time, and some others would agree with the first group’s opinion. And they might be right, but I can't avoid it, as they come they go, but I have them and they have me.

I guess that it just feels right to connect that story with another soul that has other stories, another kind of sand under their shoes, a different vision of what a good coffee can do to your brain. Or maybe why that song has no description and it is just wonderful at 3:27 am.

I also believe in the back and forth of words pushed by ideas that have their own will, they go and deliver what you’re still figuring out; or you could be more precautious and think about it many times before putting it all together, but for sure you can hardly wait for the returning sea.

Because who really cares besides you? And now that you think about it you can’t help feeling stupid, the answer is actually no one. So lean your head a little, play that song again and remember how good it feels like tonight, moments when you confirm what makes you smile these days, and the reason that got you connected, they only care for their space in their textbox… that daily interaction.

Lyrics by Duncan Sheik

Such an annoying conversation

I'm sorry but I'm tired of trying

To be some picture of compassion

...and anyway it sounds like I'm lying

...and yes I've heard the words has conspired

To steal away your god-given right

To a happy home and comfortable children

Next you'll sue them for abandoning you

So bite your tongue

You're not the only one

Who's been let down

Bite your tongue

Maybe it's good for you

To hit the ground

Oh,'s gonna sound like I'm agreeing

With the most ultra-boring ideas

Of pops psychological western gurus

Who haven't gotten lucky in years

...and so you see I have no intention

Of giving you the easy way out

yes I'll smile as I burn the self-help section

Of my local bookstore

Blame the shapes and blame the angles

Blame it on your own dark planes

If you blame on something other...

The victim's somg remains...


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