Status: Satisfied

I think
I believe
and I feel that:

I don't need to understand anymore
And I don't feel like lost anymore
No need to think, talk or ask
Just sometimes when the air gets heavy
and my mind just can't take it
and dreams go around all over
filling this room with your presence
and making my body shiver...

But the status right now
is good
is fine
is alright

No need to wonder
No need to run
The air is enough for both
And we are both o.k.

Like there's nothing else I'm hoping from it
And just like I said
"Todo un Exito. Siempre"

Lyrics by The Appleseed Cast - Innocent Vigilant Ordinary

"oh, no," i said
i think about the times
the way you smile at me
and how we always kiss

and how we drank the sun
and killed the night
and fought the sleep and won
and how we left it all unmade

it was only once

now there's more than one
no, there's only one
now there's more than one
you're the only one
you're the only one
you're the only one

it's good to see
that you are doing well
and well enough to be
laughing here with me

'cause what we did
there's no excuse for it
you know i love you so
and it hurts to know what i did

it was only once

i want you to know
that i will always love you
and always be your friend
and never leave you again

the past is past us now
so we can go
and we can move ahead
i hope this letter gets read

if just only once

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  • Wow, pocas personas conocidas escuchan appleseed cast

    Lo que falta es que me digas que no te gustan las manzanas (joke here)

    con respecto a tu post:

    "Like there's nothing else I'm hoping from it"

    No me has contado mucho sobre que es lo que ocupa tu mente en estos momentos y quizás meta la pata al decir esto, pero: "there's nothing else I'm hoping from it?" Siempre puedes esperar un poco más... Es lo que te mantiene con un pie dentro de tu futuro.

    Msg me

  • Jaja no puedo contigo

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