Reflexiones de la noche VI

Too big for me
Just Too big

It wants to Eat me alive
It's soft but flat
it keeps me warm but it could get so cold
it's always there for me
but I just can't get it enough

I want to love it
I want to trust it
But It still reminds me how Alone I am
So I just hate it

I wish it was smaller
But is not
is not
Time passes by
and it gets bigger and bigger
and in my random mind
It takes over my dreams

But last night
and the night before
And since October
It keeps my dreams safe
and lets me die for the time I need to

So Take me
But don't hold me
But don't
I'll go when I feel like I need to
You are just too big

Too big for me
I love it
But is too big for me

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