* * *

Eyes closed that lead you into a new kind of world, that takes you to places where you've never been only 'cause you are always looking at everything and trying to make everything more easy when all you do is try to change a map that it's been made since the very beginning.

Closing my eyes I put my hands in front of me waiting to touch what's waiting for me out there, feeling orange, purple, yellow and green at the same time, but holding my breathe every time my stomach dances with birds in a party inside of me.

I close my eyes without knowing what's about to happen and throwing myself to the nothing full of all the right things that I might need. I'm scared but smiling at the same time, there's a smile on my face with my eyes closed.

There's a big paradise right here and I'm ready to enjoy, feel, touch, breathe and listen. I'm closing my doors behind me and covering my eyes so there won't be anything to make me go back just because of fear. I'm giving it all away and walking forward. They took my paradise away from me and now a new one has been created just for me. I just hope to find you there, an eternal reason to smile with my eyes closed.

* * *

I know what I have, what I've got and what I've lost so there's nothing else for me than just receive what's meant to come.

A Jorge, Diego, Jean, Daniela, Guille, Tina, Geral, Santiago, Diego Ignacio, Ama, Shay, Vivi, Alberto, Angelica, Mi mama, Gaby, GL, Yo misma y todos los que me rodean.

3 voices:

  • Valen, excelente escrito para tiempos como estos, gracias por escribirnos cosas asi en momentos en los que los sentimientos te nublan los pensamientos!

  • Awww...<333 *si eso es conmigo-Tina* Muy lindo escrito =) "profundo" como siempre..

  • Precioso, simplemente, espectacular. No puedo esperar menos de ti, cada dia escribes mas y mas suelta, con el corazon en la mano. Gracias por el escrito, gracias por ayudarme a soltarme con tus escritos, por ayudarme liberar algunos d esos pesos q llevamos encima "de adorno" porq realmente no son necesarios, gracias por estar ahi y por ayudarme a ver TANTAS cosas, solo con expresarte!
    MUCHAS gracias por TODO mana! Te quiero muchiiisimo! nunca cambies y nunca dejes d escribir! Que no hay espejo mas claro q el tuyo.
    Lov ya, muchos besos :*

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