I'm sorry but I wonder

I wish you were here

It's a feeling bigger than me

And when it takes over

I Wonder

Over and over

What did you do to me?

What was that you said that made me want to hear you for the rest of my life?

Was it something you did?

Or maybe something you didn't do

What did you do to me?

All I can think of is your face, your smile and the way your eyes kill me every time

Maybe if I knew...

But not really...

I come here, and I see your picture

And I wonder over and over

What was that you did to me

What was that you said to me

And the way you used to look at me...

You're not around

but I can't keep you apart

here you are, watching me while I wonder, wonder and wonder...

What did you do to me?

Am I ready for that?

Will I make the right choice?

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