Reflexiones de La Noche IV


It takes me slowly
It puts me down like if I was a simple thing

Fuck me up and You'll see
'cause you know I'm here
'cause you know I'm feeling
knowing and smiling

So fuck you and fuck me
Fuck Us
'Cause we are fucked already
and there's nothing better

There's nothing better than this feeling
and you don't wanna know
you don't wanna feel
you don't wanna understand
but... jaja... it's there and it's taking over us

Yeap... She might stay quiet
and yes, she might stay in silence
but you know what she's feeling
and what her desires are

Are you up for tonight?
Are you ready for it?
Can you handle the situation?
It's all up to you
So make a choice
And be happy
Feel fool
feel free
Have fun
and feel satisfied
'cause that's all you both need

This is taking over me
and I can't hold it anymore
Tonigh there are no limits
and she is ready
for you to come
and love her

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