For Her

There's no control over any kind of situation, we smile and find comfort while thinking that we build our lives from good and proper decisions, creating a path with our very own foundations. And even if reality is not far away from that, the universe creates these moments to show us that there's no way of knowing if tomorrow we'll have a new day to continue to work on that path, that life.

I never met her, knew how she was, knew how she saw life or how much she liked a special dessert, but she and I shared one thing and one unique way of living through teaching. If I could assure something, is that she loved what she did, she loved her children and loved every single moment with them. Because we can identify that bond between people that find themselves doing this job for the love that gets created, just for a routine that changes every morning and for boys and girls that share their lives with us in such a wonderful way.

I don't know how her life was, the things she did or wanted to accomplish... but I know what her teaching might have represented for her and for the children that had the chance to be with her in a classroom. And what makes me sad is thinking about her children and students, because right now I can't find the words to describe the sadness of knowing that they won't be together during the upcoming mornings anymore.

I didn't know her friends, or her family, if she liked coldplay or nirvana... But I'm sure that what she planted in their lives, in their minds and in their hearts will be with them forever. And knowing that in them she will live, comforts me and makes me feel better.

To her people, the ones that knew her and got the chance to share her life, I wish you the best memories you can think about... they shall fill your hearts and give you peace.

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