Feel Like

I feel like owing this space and this time, to transform into shapes so similar
so perfect together

I feel like running with a smile on my face, aware of the lack of air
and falling in your mouth for a lovely breath of rushing air
I feel like grabbing your hair and electrify our bodies
such a powerful sensation

I feel like making a net with our legs and feel how our chests open up to such a feeling
such an emotion
such a beat
I feel like reaching for a kiss, drinking from your soul, taking you with me
so this night could represent the ideal dream

Tonight for you
and with you
and from you
I feel like stealing your energy
I feel like eating your skin
I feel like giving away all this resistance

Feel the heat melting our skins into one

I feel like taking you with me
Because I'm hungry of you
and for now words can only describe
this buring running through my fingers
through my neck, through my back and spine

I just feel like...

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