Dress In Black For Your Words

These ears of mine have been getting used to the different meanings of words and the way people tend to use them, without any doubt I also have used them with much awareness. But words are just words, and for words to come from feelings there's a whole performance to learn, if you want me to believe you mean it.

Kids lie and I can tell, with you there's not much difference... And I will just smile and see those words of yours come out of your head embarrassed of you, carrying all those hidden, heavy and honest ideas that you were just too much of a coward to admit.
Those poor words, they have no fault of your actions, but I will get them and put them in a container all together, make them feel right and secure for a moment, while you stand there actually thinking that I believe what you just said.

Because the world can be made of intentions, but my world never made with lies... and intentions I know, they speak for themselves and don't need so many words to be understood, and because perhaps you don't even know what you're doing.
So keep it up, say whatever and settle with whatever reaction you get from me... I'll sit here and dress in black for your words.

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