This Side Of The Room

How can I explain this frustration in just a few words? Because even after so many years of mind evolution and "changes" in the visions of society, we all get defined the same way... Maybe a perspective that sells me in the cheapest way possible.

Needs are needs, ideas are just ideas and whatever we are is just that... What changes is the ways we tend to diverge and explore that within ourselves, to then throw it to the world as if they needed it so bad. What pisses me of (and this phrase reminds me of a very friendly blogger that will smile after reading this) is how hypocrite people can be. Do not take me wrong, there are likes and dislikes but further beyond there's a stupid conception of what a girl actually needs.

Just the pure truth, boys and girls are both made of the same skin, so make up your own opinions and ideas and help me out so I don't have to dig much deeper in that matter. But just the fact that there's honest freedom and fake freedom, there's always too much of something and edges of ideas, but it doesn't mean that freedom within desires has to be defined with one unique term. Because if I choose to free myself to get to know what I like or who I am, or just for the fact that I enjoy my decisions and I'm sure of what I'm choosing, then there's a label put on me or my behavior.

Take the mask off, because I blame you boy and girl for defining something that doesn't need to be defined for others to understand the way you live. I invite you to be happy or sad, satisfied or not, free or fake, whatever you choose, but keeping things as real as it possible... So many years have passed and we're still supposed to behave, act, date and make out in a certain way for whatshisname to feel right about us.

I'm almost sure there are millions of thoughts, ideas and fantasies fighting among each other in so many people's heads... but sadly enough only a few dare to bring them out properly and freely, like if we were separated in a room, were both sides condemn each other for their choices of living.

...Really? Then I wish you all the best on that side of the room, I'll stay on this one.

Lyrics by No Doubt

I started out on the wrong foot
Now I'm not myself
I am Jekyll, I am Hyde
Found this place to hide
Come seek me

Oh, so up and down
So back and forth
So insecure
Can't get this taste out of my mouth
Swallow it down

Hold it, hold it all in
Let it build up
Build a bomb
Blow it, blow it away
Clear it all out
Just end it

I'm just a normal person
Without those problems
When did it change?
Admissions so embarrassing
I'm on the verge of tears again

Oh look I took the Band-Aid off
Did I take it off too soon?
Hysterical confession
My big courageous move

Don't gasp at the predictable
A comforting lie can't last
Preordained checklist of this awkward love
It's so sad

Sort it, sort it out
Just give it back
No thank you
Toss it, toss it away
Just give up

I can't decide
This tug of war
I'm feeling weak 

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