All Over

Different days of the week, different states of motion and words that seem to switch places just for fun.

I suppose a regular rutine shouldn't surprise me this much, and a playground would make me feel so much better.

Because laying on the roof of your car felt good just for one minute, and then crashing seemed like the greatest solution.

Make the arrows on my wall clock move around and spin, for this head of mine to bring out some shuffle thoughts.

Draw yourself in yellow and have someone paste paper stars on your chest, because I know a surprising smile will make this tension disappear for a while.

Grass on my pants and the taste of your sour kiss, reminding my lips that they just don't have a choice on their own... and that I'm sorry.

Tear out the pages of my calendar, to pretend today is suddenly another day, and it's time to feel different.

Thursday should come sooner, and if they do so, call her and let her know I won't miss the weekly appointment.

Lyrics by Brandtson

the plastic on the windows change the atmosphere.
i hear you coming up the stairs.
parking meter violation flags are showing.
the optimistic side of me called off again.
hello. i've been self destructing again.
i'm off the track.
my compliments to the way you fit in.
it's so unfair.
i'm waiting for this to finally come undone.
i'm waiting for this to suddenly fall down.
command is q.
i've tried a hundred times.
impossible win.
i'm waiting.
still waiting for this to fall down and take over.
all over.
it can't be this easy.
i'm fighting and waiting.
it's not what i wanted.
won't always be waiting

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