Sunday Feeling

It started on Sunday and just today I've been able to define it. I was angry at something I didn't really understand where it came from or where it was going... But now I know that what made me so mad was the fact that my pieces were moved without permission.

Not only for me, but i'm sure for everybody... there're pieces of work functioning around us at all times and they work together to maintain us standing. I talk about people, people that come to be part of our sceneries and stay for long long time giving and taking perspectives, sensations, feelings and experiences. My pieces always fit right in and I learn to love my big puzzle with them in it.

But as people that they are, they have also their own puzzles and it happens that the actions made in theirs could not match with mine… They could make decisions that affect directly my situations and it gets to a point where I can't help losing those pieces. For this time of my life I've lost some of my pieces but I've always felt that the really big ones and important were here with me still... but badly for me, some pieces have been moved and an era has finally ended.

This particular piece has been attached to my life for almost 7 years and it has been a relationship that suffered the biggest amounts of changes as stations... from one thing to the other we became great friends, and now that the final change has been written, I feel sad for what that history meant. Not as a complete goodbye, but as the fact that I can't pretend to keep my pieces here with me and control them... they have their own power to move as well, they have a life on their own. And by moving they could either leave me or change the position they once had.

As for tonight, I'm sadly happy for the wonderful memories and eternal fantasies I put together in this blue and musical box, knowing that I'm grateful for what it meant and what will come from now on... as you said let's not see this as an end, but as a new beginning.

Lyrics by Alanis M.

Me, and my helmet such an un-conventional kid
All intense and kinetic, at best tolerated from afar
Not yet arrested, and by that I mean betrothed
Though a start I am newly courted
I've just not been trusted with alters

I'm a sweet piece of work, well intentioned yet disturbed
Wrongly label-ed and under-fed, treated like a rose as an orchid

My friends, as they weigh in, get understandably protective
They have a hard time being objective
So inside we cancel each other out

I'm a sweet piece of work, well intentioned and unloved
Unlabeled and misunderstood, treated like a rose as an orchid

You've brought water to me, making sure my bloom rebounds
You know best of what my special care allows

So I've lived in my blind spot
Thought myself usual when I'm not
And your garden is a nice spot
As long as it is brave and where you are

For this sweet piece of work, high maintenance and deserted
I've been different and deserving, treated like a rose as an orchid
Sweet piece of work, overwhelmed un-observed
I've been bowed down to but so misread
Treated like a rose as an orchid

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