Me In A Frame

As I enjoy doing, I give people a special photo of myself... That contains exactly what their last perception of me provided them. Decorated with specific details and unique colors.

Each photo is different and is made especially for each person that will receive it. For memories of myself can get only be develop as that impression they get. All those that left my road, took a picture in a frame as a memory of that last view, that last speech, that last sensation, that last thoughts and that last touch. It's me in a frame for them.

I prepare myself specially for the moment I'll be frozen in paper then stocked in time and in their minds for the rest of their lifes. As they see me, they'll remember that photo which represents what the said goodbye to and who I was when we went in different directions. Some could keep that photo near and some would just make it disapear but what they can't help is to have it recored in their heads forever, as that special picture won't fade so easily.
If the photo gets created it means there was a bond stong enough to discover and that there was a memory to discover, frozen in time and in space. Me in a frame for them to remember how the think they should.

Lyrics by Pinback (non-photo blue)

She's posting all the time, but the boards are down.
It's a burned out building.

He's spending all this time on his back.
Staring at the ceiling.

They spared themselves that way
I'm with that. I'm with them.

You aren't. You're alive, dammit.
Gnawing on the prey.
I think about you, some.

Where to put you?
All the backed up data for a raining time.

Insulate a fragile mind.
Capsulize a broken find.

Don't do this, man.
There's another one off behind.
Breaking down the door without... warning.

She just ignores the time that the boards came down.
It's a numbed out feeling.

He just accepts that pain with a hate mantra.
A spiritual killing.

They just relax that way.
I'm with that. I'm with them.
You aren't. You're alive, dammit.

Crayon past line. Stay after school.
Crossword filled in non-photo blue.
So they'll never find you.
Can't go through this now.

I'm leaving a message.
Stapled on your head.

SHHAA......I get the same result.
We get the same effect.

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