Let's Play Pretend

...but let me warn you, we can never win.

You can start by pretending I'm invisible and that you control my appearences in this room.
I'll pretend I dig the fact that you have all control, and that somehow I won't take it from you.

You can pretend I'm good with all these words, and that I always understand
I'll pretend you're right, and I'm that cool gal that you can talk to and she just smiles along.

So far, I'm having fun, what about you?

Pretend this is just a game, and that we can write the rules to play it, pretending I don't have a hidden plan.
I'll pretend this is just for the fun of it, and that in fact I have no doubts to figure out.

You could pretend we are reading each others minds, because my face and motions are easily read.
I'll pretend to be happy with you on that side of the table, happy without a passage to your mind.

Pretend you're here just to please me, and that I do deserve what's on the menu
I'll pretend not to be scared of loosing you.

And after this game is over, could we go back with this load of information? could we pretend things can go on as usual?

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