Day 0

This comes after a movie that even from its simplicity, it increases the girls' fears about lack of consistency and it smashes the boys' ideas on how selfish a girl can really be.

Before I start writing this, there's a fact about me that applies as an apropiate introduction here: whenever someone or something defines ideas or situations I live but don't quite understand, I see the beauty in it... That someone or something become wonderful for me, because it made it possible for me to put a tag on something that although I could see myself living, couldn't actually figure out. What I'm about to write here, might have the same effect on you, specially if you saw the movie.

This won't be about her position, or why she acted in a certain way, if she did this or not... But about his day 0 and how incredible that "day" is. We all go through it, sooner or later, we might as well understand it and take advantage of it, or just let it pass us by... But it comes with no warning, and whenever it feels like showing up, we have no power on it, and there's no way we can get ourselves prepared for the moment that day arrives.

No idea of how, but the wake up gives us the clue and makes us feel like "today there's a chance for me to leave this behind me"... Expectations come to life and see us from above, making us feel like all we wanna do is hanging on to them and float away from the shitty place where we've been for a while. Everything seems to be encouraging us, telling us that yes, today the chance is right here and with just a little push we can get ourselves up from the ground.

Like taking down an old wall paper and finding out different and pretty drawings on a wall that has been here for a long time, but we were just to focused on the wall paper, not whatever was behind it or nearby. A day that may stay and last for a long while, or leave us after 24 hours, but one unique space in time where the universe smiles with irony like saying "I just felt like showing you a bunch of what might come for you tomorrow, if you decide to look to the front lazy ass"
Once again, beauty on its surprise and how unexpected this day 0 acts after spending days of misery and sadness, it shows that it's possible to smile... I've had mine, many times and there's nothing else to say.

The inspirational song (in a different, but nicer version):

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