Peculiar is the way your hands curl up a bit when they're laying on a flat surface, no control in that.
Peculiar the way a whisper runs out without a way of returning, no control in that.
Peculiar how some sounds just match with each other and create a short story from 0, not much control in that.

Peculiar their moves
Peculiar their negative sense of living
Peculiar the idea of realness as the enemy
Peculiar this letter

Peculiar how I can just type with two fingers at the time, I guess not much control in that either.
Peculiar how I curl these two fingers when my feet are together resting, funny how I let go of control while staring.
Peculiar the colors I wear, the image I don't understand and how for a reason they identify me, control on their side, which such beauty.

Peculiar my lies
Peculiar how similar my fears are
Peculiar this excuse
Peculiar the constant smile

Peculiar how with a bunch of common stuff on a well-known grown, I evolve.

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