The Worm In London

There's a mystery and you can tell what kind of weird situation is just passing by my head, if you could earn a penny for each time you get it right...

For a while of not writing you, I'll give you a hint of what my eyes could tell you tonight, as I pour more wine in my plastic glass... there's a melody that smiles as I express my love right here, right now.

As if love was just for keeping and not for sharing, I love you and you all share that with me... Pretty sight of what my head might be doing with your small signs of care, and I laugh and I smile!

Watch me move as you try to figure out what this could be, and what's this about... I think you're being really mean and I might think is not so fair to me... Come take a look once again and we might find the answer together... yes I'll say it once again so loud that one small worm in London will hear it, and he will think "oh wow... she really meant that.. besides all the laughing and whispering"... he will always keep that key for you.

It is not ok.. so come back and tell me again about how much they made you scream, they made you breathe, heavy heavy breathe! We both know that, girls can never know what's best... Mystery, for sure.

Smile with me as you keep on asking, but don't hesitate, my eyes and laugh will let you know so very soon...

-- taking this pic from her again! gotta write a word that begins with L to let her know she gave me some inspiration for this Lines!

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