What a wonderful state for my head to rest... We'd stay golden*

At the end of the day we always go to that same place, we go back to where we first started... our actions are not necessarily planned towards what the day has reserved for us. We Stay Golden.

Could be a fake-positive state of mind or just the easiest way to put my thoughts in white spaces, but as golden as I stay, all that carp won't ever hit me. There's just "this" much I can do, and as time passes by I let my powers go away little by little, I don't need to save them anymore.

Different elements surrounding this room, in perfect synchronization with the idea of being ok... I learnt how to deal with issues and whenever I can't, those elements come back to me to make it simple: once again, I stay golden.

Trying to do my best sharing what makes me feel good, and facing the ones that don't want me to have that piece of themselves... It seems for me that not everyone wants to feel ok, they just want to be left alone.

There's me... Honestly lying most of the time by saying "I'm fine", but coming clean beneath the situations... a golden state where I inhale and go back to bed, a new day will start soon. Same old lines that only work when I choose to given them power, and another song that will always make me smile.

Photo by: Me.
Lyrics by Hey Mercedes

Sarah slides up to the bar and orders me
the strongest thing this side of armor street
she's got the saddest eyes i've ever seen
when she says
oh baby were you ever meant to be
well maybe

now sexy don't get so excited
you're so much cuter when you try to fight it
your're filling up the room with that terrible gloom
and the mere thought of a turnaround is bring the whole place down

stop the press
who is that mess
go on drone
we've never been so impressed
go on drone
stay home
afraid of the phone and famously alone
go on drone

ture love might be fun for some
but we know that it's just too tough
is there the proper power left to hold us in

so we'd stay golden

so i'm always working on new grand ways to avoid
doing any work on everything
that could amount to anything

the poor poor cat
don't lie like that
in regret's bed
in beads of sweat
blurry head
ruby red
not yet deceased
undead instead
hardly home de chez rainbow
je ne sais quai
je taime cell phone
we know you know how
don't you drone
we know you know

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