Meet Me After They Leave

To come close in a way that I assume you might notice the essence of this wave
There's a space that gets fill with air and movements,
it feels deep and heavy to wait for the second to get near you
and make my steps worth the effort

Memories will be the only thing to hold on to after all this
and for me it has been a whole life of thinking about mixing colors,
so after this I'll ask you not to...

I can see through your desire and there's an invisible space between us
and reality can't make it happen, I'm asking you please..
Join me in this only born green, purple and orange
without asking each other where they came from or what they'll do later

Make it fake, make it true, make it wonderful and plastic for us...
You're the one with the remote buttons, it is too heavy for me to carry,
all I see is yellow and blue uniting...
You could lift us beyond this atmosphere.

It's passing by... You and that spirit, you both and your happiness
but us and our so needed dream in a second when we meet after they're all gone...

Photo by the Coldplay crew

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