Sink For Light

Tell me it was true, and I'll buy it
Tell me the sky is red and I will believe you
Tell me there's no December after this September and I'll take it...

Because my soul hears your silent voice
and your words always sound honest to my ears.

Tell me there's a king coming to clean up this mess
Tell me I'll find answers if I sink in this water
Tell me I will always reach out and touch you if I need to...

Because there's one simple and well known line
one that describes this trust and blind believing in you.

Tell me about weird creatures and funny thoughts
Tell me about everlasting nights and purple lips
Tell me about sad memories and regrets from that 11th
Just tell me what you think I should hear...

Because I could just throw myself to it... everything
knowing that the brave in me only comes out in the greatness of your words.

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