Perfect Gift

If I could make it appear, form into a beautiful shape, make it move, wrap it and send it with little notes to you, right to you...

I would think of nice things, nice words and phrases... so this present becomes a pleasant one, a present that wouldn't make you cry so often, or get frustrated, but instead.. a present that would bring many constant smiles to your face.

I would think of great music, fun and meaningful songs so this present represents that musical storage I'm sure would make you float on a cloud to imagine great spaces, great moments.. because this present would be able to take you there, whenever you wish to.

I would think of kindness so this present is nice to you, treats you right... Because my magic would do that for you, and I believe it is what you deserve, something that is kind, leaving aside all the trouble other people have communicating and making efforts to be honest... my present would just be kind to you.

If I could just get it done, create this for you, I would.
If I could have it born and be ready for your time to be happy, I would.
If I could make it a surprise that could change your rutine, I would.

Because I know what's not right for you, I know it by experience, very well... so if I could just use some magic to create the perfect gift for you, I would.

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