The pure fact is that there's no influence I could represent, no buttons I could press and make the ball move around, I never had that power over you. We both knew and know.

But back then the pieces were too far away from each other to make any sense out of our puzzle baby, just too distant to call each other and get together, fitting for many expected answers.

Now, the puzzle hangs on my wall where I get to see it when I want to. I know it's there, always, because the nails I used to make it stay you gave them to me, and you'd only give me the strong ones.

Now I could decorate us in fun ways, because we know each other's manners and performances, like a constant role play, without the lying or the crappy stuff... just pure and honest fun.

...we know each other's manners, which makes the idea of this post, just a fact that you know very well, and no words are necessary to explain our behavior, our responses, our sarcastic chats.

What I feel you know, and also that these goodbye words are already written on a letter that I take in my purse, because I'll wait for you to ask me.

...Meanwhile, besides smiling for good times nearby, I'll decorate my eyes for strangers to think there's some kind of sadness fallin on my head... at the end they're used to it.

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