Today I got three new stars in my sky (funny 'cause it's actually my foot). I had the first ones a couple years ago and they each had a meaning, today three new ones come to meet with them and expand my universe!

Back then I wrote what the first stars meant; so before defining the new ones here's a reminder:

The first one is called *Breathe: the most important thing for me in the whole world and when I breathe I feel like my mind is free.

The second one is called *Feel: I feel everything around me and my senses are my best friends.

The third one is called *Sleep: 'cause when I sleep I rest and for me resting is essential, as well as dreaming.

Now *Patience, 'cause I've learnt that things happen for a reason and it takes patience to understand there's a time for every single event.

*Express: it represents the greatest way for me to heal, by pulling out everything that comes through my mind, having a proccess to make it right, I perceive then analyze and then express.

*Connections, 'cause I live through the connections I create every single day, I feed myself with these connections and everything I learn I do it through them.

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