Denial, Revisited

Every single day we all have little "wake up"s during our routines. Could be very significant or just simple, but it happens and some people know how to identify them as special signals the universe tries to throw at us. To keep this post as real as it can, I'll give my example from yesterday: while writing a list using a pen tied to a folder by a string, I realized that every 3 words I'd write, the pen would turn one time. By the end of the note I was writing, I realized that the pen was all rolled-up by the string, and that was my "wake up" for that Wednesday.

What's my point with all this? Not to tell you all about these very special moments, 'cause I'd be writing about something you already know. My point with this is to analize how those "experiences" function; as for me everything should have a meaning, and if it not, then we'll write one for it. Turining and rolling the pen while writing is not only my thing, but it defines me... Also connecting me to many others that might have this "things" as well.

For me, the thought from that "wake up" moment was: "this thing I do when I write defines me, what if I lose that?"

So instead of writing more and more sentences about all I might think and question about the universe and its processes, I'll make it as simply as it can get in this box: What If? (Just Me)

- What if I didn't like chocolate?
- What if I was always agree with things?
- What if I was less analytic?
- What if I didn't have my own way to find answers?
- What if I didn't believe in control?
- What if I wasn't sure about what I want?
- What if I accepted all their ideas?
- What if I decided to fit a category?
- What if I stopped being just for living?

The answers seemed easy for me, and then they all said...

Photo: Ruth :)
Lyrics by The Offsprings

So here we go
Having the same old fight again
So there she goes
Same old game that never ends

If I could say
All the right words
I know I could make you stay
If I could say all the right words
Things would work out alright

And if you go
I won't believe
That it's forever

And you can go
I'll never leave
'Cause it's not over

Replay last night
Talking it out don't make it right
I know she's tried, my whole world
is her and all we've got now

And if you go
I won't believe
That it's forever
I won't let go
Even if she says that it's over
I know it'll be
Different this time
If you'd just stay

And when we wrote this story
How did it end?
It was you and me for all our lives
Come on don't say it
We'll try again
And if I'd just hold you
We could last

But she stands softly
Tears down her face
Hitting me, oh God
This is the end
And I'm waiting for you
But there's nothing more now i can do

How did you know
How did you know
How did you know

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  • I feel the same way sometimes.
    Igual son esos detallitos los que nos hacen lo que somos realmente, los que nos llenan la vida, nuestra marca personal
    De verdad que honor tan grande que hayas usado esa fotito para tu blog!

    Un besote Ana!
    Y sorry por no haber comentado antes, realmente hasta ahora es que voy poniendome al dia con todo!

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