Ain't No Trip To Cleveland

Oh right.
Here's the thing... for me is not about the time, is about the place
which is not correct, distance is not allowed. And here's where I decide to change that.
Good, I'm ready.

For me now is our time to find out if this is what we both want for each other,
'cause if it's not now, then when?

I started something knowing what I was looking for
but not knowing what I was gonna get from it,
and so far, I've got more than what I expected
Meaning, this is the moment.
Some things need to get done
and some others need to be said
putting ourselves on a waiting list, but aware of the fact that is our turn.

For me, it's now or I'll never know. I'm not gonna quit.

Lyrics by Brandtson

black coffee cup reflection
i've seen this look in my eyes on others peoples faces
that i said i never wanted to be like
there's just too much to live for
to sit around this room bored, wanting more,
waiting for something to knock on my door
here's to new beginnings
here's to someting more
here's to you and your dreams
and everything you worked so hard for
here's to all the places we've never been before
here's to summer tours and hardwood floors
to you and yours.

[It's funny, I wait until you go to bed to post, so then we don't talk about it jaja... and my knee hurts :( ]

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