One Song, One Situation

There's a song for every single situation I've been through... that's why I listen to Alanis that much... So here, in order:

When I felt like flying and didn't know why... since the day I met you

"Knees of my bees"

When I found out I was inlove with you

"Head over feet"

When I thought I wanted more than that

"21 things I want in a lover"

When I felt like I needed to go away

"That particular time"

When you became my nightmare

"Sympathetic Character"

When I felt mad, upset and wanted to break everything

"You oughta know"

When I knew you were not the right choice at the moment, even when it felt so good

"Right through you"

When I knew I needed to move on

"Thank u"

When I felt like everything was going to be ok

"That I would be good"

When I thought I had all the answers

"Simple Together"

When I asked myself why you were so perfect for me


When I realized you were gone

"Your house"

When I knew you were not coming back, even though it was the thing I wanted the most

"You own me nothing in return"

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  • I'm outta words...just WOW! I need to speak myself out that way sometimes...I wish I could know how...Till that, I'll keep on silence...Lov u girl (el comment anterior es mio mana pero me comi algo so lo elimine)

  • Annie this blog is soooo true!!!!!there is always a song for every situation.That's why music is the language of the soul. I love it!!

  • Deep... as usual.
    You know what? I sometimes get the feeling that people just look at you and think "there go another dumb girl" just because of your looks and your career, and whenever I get that feeling I really get pissed (I think Im gonna post about it) because to tell the truth you are the coolest person I know, and one of the smartest girls ever...


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