Would you let him know?

It feels so empty here... just can't move on

3 voices:

  • Ay amiga...tus palabras no pueden ser mas claras, mas indicadas...tan exactas...I know how u feel, believe me... u know it...so unfair, damn...
    Well, like I told u...Someday, just gotta hang on! can use my shoulder like always hehe...u're not so heavy ;)
    lov u. Vivi

  • I wish that was true... the thing is that maybe it just won't be, even when I'll feel like shit around him. Yeap, everything will be o.k. but in that subject things won't change

    thx anyway... <3

  • If there is something I can do to fill whatever makes you empty, just let me know... and if there is anything I could do to push you forward, just should and I'll gladly push you...
    Don't feel like this, we who love you are here for you.

    As you are now, so once was I. Be good...

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