I don't blame you, I do it too. I'm just not sure who I choose to punch back, but I do seem to be the one you choose, and not just you... There's a pattern here and I've seen it for a while.

Fixation, longing, desire, who knows, but it seems to be pretty clear I give you the same thing the rest of them come looking for. Like if for some kind of treatment, I'd represent the prescription and recipe.

Don't worry, I'm aware all the time and usually enjoy providing the proper medicine, because you may ignore this, but your hunger feeds me as well. Hunger for my words, reactions and irony, like the perfect cocktail of what holds this strong image, not always real or natural.

So come and lay your head right here, I'll show you that I care once again while my hands caress your hair... we can do this for a while, just as long as my head agrees to this pattern, and before I discover I don't really need this, you.

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