For a While, 2.

I don't quite understand how it works, or how my mind goes from one side to the other, but it happens all the time, and the idea doesn't seem to settle in any of the different spaces.

It goes from bitter to kind in a second, then it changes and jumps to eager, anxious, understanding. Not without feeling sad for a minute.

Like a burning sensation that rushes through my spine when I try to define how I feel about this, about you, about such history.

It goes from one place to the other, but all with the same foundations of perspectives I own, as simple as one person feeling all these different shapes.

Swimming together for so long, and holding on at the last second when you choose not to let us sink and drown... Can't you see it? It always begins with yelling and ends with staring and hugging when I think of us.

Only that if I ask you, you would say the hugging never really ends, because what I let you see is just one of the three shapes, because it is what you need... and what you love about us.

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