In a blink you were here, like if the sky had decided to be kind enough
kind enough to open up and bring this energy to me

Like if the air that brought you could easily take you away
and even with you around, I didn't notice the breeze that surounded you
back then, you were just around

But then this air that once was good to me, took you away
with or without your help I saw how you parachute flew
away from my celling, away from me

I look back and it seems so fast
now when they ask about you my face tries hard to hide
hide this emotion
and the sadness of the lack of who you were

In a blink you were here, like if the sky had dediced to be kind enough
but not kind enough to let you stick for a little while
not kind enough to show you how wrong it is for me that you're not here anymore.

This song reminds me of it... is a short song
as short as the time that took the sky to take you away again.

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