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443 could be just a number, but this time it's the amount of entries I've written in this blog.. This blog that got created 5 years ago, with a bunch of undisciplined ideas and a lack of structure, but one that has become a mirror, sheild and weapon to me and all my decisions (not sure if that's a good thing or not yet)... Still hiding behind this name and this character.

Reviewing sometimes the perspectives I own and take as mine, defining others and making an effort to adjust to the idea of deleting and erasing; I've written many words put together, with sounds that remind me of how mine these lines are, and touching other people with it.

443 sounds like a small number if I think about what I might be missing still, but when I think about the amount of times I've tried to reach a certain goal with each and every entry, then the number feels too big...

I don't know if this is the right path, or if all my decisions have been the correct ones, but I'm sure about how it feels, the writing and the exposing of the soul, with all I've got and all that defines me, a colorfull mixed of truths and lies, all shared with the best of intentions.

Happy Birthday Box. 

Photo by Luz
Lyrics of a song that I'm digging, by Keane

I didn't want to go
Go back and look for you
But it's a heartless drug
I'm addicted to

And when I drive that road
And start to feel that chill
I think I see your face
Do you come here still?

Those were the times and these were the places
Your love was so good
And now that I'm here, I suddenly find that I'm tumbling backwards

I'm back to where I was before
Dreaming of glory and your love
And now I'm lying on your floor
Crashed on the surface of your love

The chemicals react
And molecules collide
The poison works its way
Somewhere down inside

When we were young I really believed
Love would never leave us
But time has a knack of pulling the rug out
From underneath us

And nothing matters anymore
I'm still a victim of your love
And now I'm banging on your door
Tumbling backwards with your love
Over and over in your love

I know they're only ghosts
And memories that I'm clutching at
Maybe I'm reaching back
For something I never had
Still it seems so real to me
These rock and threats
That lead me back to you

I'm back to where I was before
Tumbling backwards at your love
And now I'm lying on your floor
Crashed on the surface of your love
and the other dreams we had
Fractioned and frozen with your love

You put a spell upon me there
Never be broken in your love
Nowhere to run to but your love
Over and over in your love

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